Shawn McCann Mural Concept released

UPDATE: After submitting various versions of the mural concept to the Project Director, Lise Erdrich, and the City of Wahpeton for approval, the design for the mural has become finalized with this version.


Apparently there were heritage requirements involving these NEA grant funds, plus some reservations about the snowglobe design being not conservative enough. These were the reasons given for the changes.

mural Shawn


Remember the mural he painted at the Chahinkapa Zoo and the 3D chalk painting?

This week Shawn McCann released his concept for the big downtown mural he will begin next week. This is how Shawn describes his concept:

” I am going for something that will really catch peoples attention. The concept is a snow globe with a black and white image of Old Wahpeton inside with a street car breaking through the globe. Period dressed people would be on the edge of the snow globe looking out and the water from inside would flow towards the rest of the wall creating the river and the teepees and trees that create our namesake “Dwellers among the Leaves” To add a final little touch, some of the leaves on the very far right would turn into the eagle feathers which are significant in meaning for the Native Americans.”

All the murals and one still to come, are being funded by a National Endowment for the Arts “Our Town” grant. The grant was awarded to Circle of Nations School here in Wahpeton, and Three Rivers Arts Council partnership, and written by Lise Erdrich of CNS.

Here is the black and white earlier draft superimposed on the building it will occupy in Wahpeton:
mccann concept 2

Preparation and painting will begin late next week or early the following week (around June 21st). You can come and watch the mural develop, and talk to the artist, who is a really nice guy.